It's chart day!

A look of some of the statics we are following...draw your own conclusions...

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Here are some of the trends we are following presented without comment. Also, links to the Texas Oil and Gas Podcast and Energy Week Podcast are below. We’ll talk to you Friday!

The world in charts

Logarithmic growth of Coronavirus worldwide has slowed way down (per Worldometers).

On bending the curve:

U.S. Manufacturing Output

Americans concern over reopening

Smartphone Shipments

US Building permits at a five-year low.

Crude oil reserves in the US dropped by 5 million barrels.

US Rig Count dropped to its lowest rate since 2009.

Texas Oil and Gas Podcast

This week’s episode of the Texas Oil and Gas Podcast talks about a comment we got on socialism, and what this says about the wider attitude toward the oil and gas industry and recovery from the coronavirus. Get it here!

Energy Week

This week’s episode of Energy Week talks about a wide variety of topics — but our favorite is a story about Venezuela flying some of the last of its gold reserve to Iran. Check it out!


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