Water Scarcity: A Growing Concern

Today’s piece is from Ben Samuels. Running in parallel to the history of human existence has been our reliance on water, which is essential in practically every facet of life: agriculture, transportation, health and wellness, power, mining, livestock, and more... the list goes on and on. Although water is one of Earth’s most plentiful resources, both globally and domestically, there are significant challenges regarding access to the proper amount of the appropriate type of water in the right places when demand and necessity dictate. The requisite competition among water users, including industry, agriculture and livestock, municipalities, recreational users, and conservationists can be quite complex when crafting and negotiating equitable policy, compacts, infrastructure development plans, beneficial reuse applications, and other collaborative mandates. There are a litany of local, regional, state, and federal agencies that are tasked with the management of allocation, conservation, and development of water resources; each with their own mandates and objectives.

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